We are starting a blogging project!

The children in the upper end of The Cedars Primary School are going to be blogging as part of their computing unit. We hope the children enjoy and learn a lot.
Blogging provides a worldwide audience for pupils’ work. Commenting on others’ work extends pupils’ sense of membership of a learning community beyond school. In this unit, pupils create a media-rich blog, comment on blogs and respond to comments. (Rising Stars Switched on Computing unit 5.5 We Are Bloggers)

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  1. Dave Smith says:

    It’s lovely to read that you are blogging using Switched on Computing. Very best of luck with this. I look forward to reading the outcomes of your work. Well done! Why not share your blog with the Switched on Computing online Community and get lots more schools to see it too. http://www.switchedoncomputing.co.uk/community/

    Tell the Rising Stars team that I told you to write in…

    Best of luck.

    Dave Smith (part of the development team for Switched on Computing)
    Computing and E-safety Adviser
    Havering Education Services
    London Borough of Havering
    Director of Naace – http://www.naace.co.uk

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