Heathrow project

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  1. Mags Amond says:

    Naomi, that is a great explanation of a very well finished challenge. I think the engineers who helped you must have been well pleased with your team work. If you ever design and build an airport terminal, I will fly there. Mags, Ireland.

  2. Sharon M says:

    This is a well written report explaining how you worked in small teams to create your own terminal. You have used good openings st the start of your sentences giving your writing interest to the reader. I especially like how you have clearly written the order you had to do things – ‘first, then, next”.
    After reading your report I had clearly understood what the engineers had asked you to do and actually shown you how to make a stick and stool.
    I am particularly impressed with your final few sentences where you describe how you connected your structure and finish your writing with a lovely description of how members of your team had helped each other.
    As you read it through and check it think about how you might improve some of your chosen vocabulary and your opening paragraph.
    Well done Naomi on a clear piece of writing that is interesting to read :))

  3. Lucy Runham says:

    Hello Naomi, I enjoyed reading your blog tonight, this sounds brilliant. I can’t believe you can make an indestructible stick out of six sheets of newspaper! What fun you must’ve had, it’s all about teamwork! Lucy, Gloucestershire.

  4. Stephen Heppell says:

    Wow – great work by you with Taylor, Kaylen, Troy and Leah. Funnily enough I read about it in your blog post as I was stuck in a long queue last night at Heathrow! It helped make the time pass more quickly as I looked around and imagined your work. Thanks!!

  5. cameron antonie johnson says:

    hey rember me Cameron nice work you done ther year 7 gonna be hard well done

  6. cameron antonie johnson says:

    I know troy he gose to my football nice work hello miss brooks from cameron

  7. Naomi says:

    Thanks Cameron

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